2014-04-08 09:40:07
Xenia Levkovskaya: At the training camp in the United States were excellent and wonderful weather

A short interview with a sportsman of Azerbaijan team Xenia Levkovskaya.

- What was the most difficult in the course fees in the U.S?

- Probably the most difficult was the adaptation and jetlag. But it was at the beginning, when only accustomed to the American rhythm.

- After a lengthy flight across the Atlantic has not confuse on what time do you live?

- This might be the first time. Then feel fine. Generally try to regroup as soon as possible, especially when the time difference is significant.

- What did you learn from the experience of the American voyage ?

- In general, positive . As for me, I just do not know to fly (smiles). In the sense that difficult to adaptation. And so, we have all the conditions for training, plus the wonderful weather.

- In your opinion, when you gain a shape close to the optimal form?

- I think that even a month and a half later, but for now will train hard .




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