2014-04-08 18:05:52
Rostislav Pevtsov: Winning on start of the season is always a pleasure

A short interview with the sportsman of Azerbaijan team Rostislav Pevtsov, who won a silver medal at the Pan American Cup in La Paz (Mexico).

- You participate in two tournaments on start of the season. You can talk about what went into competitive rhythm?

- Season is just beginning to get in shape. If at the Pan American Cup in Claremont I was seventh , then a couple of weeks later in La Paz was able to finish among the winners . I was very glad able to bring the first award for Azerbaijan triathlon. For me is very important.

- Were there any interesting cases during the gathering in the U.S?

- We have focused solely on training, especially never moved. Prepared almost every day, and as entertaining stories ... One day we met 6-8 thousand amateur cyclists. A feeling that every second in California is cycling.

- What is remarkable success for you personally at the Pan American Cup in La Paz ?

- Always nice to start the season with a victory. Especially those competitions where quite easy to perform. I mean Mexico with its climate. During the tournament I was able to break away from the competition and take second place. Of course, I would like to win, but you need to work even harder. Until we have an intermediate form.

- Strongly harassed overseas flights?

- There is. We still have a few days to recover. But this time we just do not. Tomorrow will fly to Cyprus , where we will spend the planned training camp.



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