2014-12-01 08:44:36
Renato Bertrandi: European Games - step forward for triathlon

European Triathlon Union (ETU) has published an article regarding the visit of the head of the organization Renato Bertrand in Baku. He took part in the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committee in Baku, get the latest information about the EuroGames and met with the leadership of the National Federation of triathlon, led by its executive director Azer Maharramov.

For R.Bertrandi participate in the General Assembly EOK was an excellent opportunity to exchange views and ideas with representatives of various federations, as well as determine the location of the triathlon at EuroGames and European Youth Olympic Festival to be held next year in Tbilisi.

As for the EuroGames, the tournament will be held in triathlon thirty kilometers from Baku. This is due to the specificity of the sport to suit all requirements. Work on preparing the venue has already begun and should be ready by the end of March. And in early May, held a test tournament. On the choice of venue for the tournament triathlon was a series of discussions, including courses on technical officials, held by the International Triathlon Union (ITU). For them it was an opportunity to in-depth study of the issue in terms of further recommendations.

However, at the moment ETU is in the process of international technical staff for EuroGames. In the National Federation has sent out a message about the prospects for their participation in this matter. The specialists must have certificates ITU first, second and third level. According to the program EuroGames, technical officials will arrive in Baku on June 9, four days before the start of the competition in a triathlon. And their departure is scheduled for June 16, two days after the end of the tournament. Soon ETU on the Board approve the names of 34 technical officials for the EuroGames in Baku, and the choice made by experienced professionals - Spaniard Jorge Garcia and Hungarian Bela Varga.

All the latest information on the EuroGames will be announced at the Conference ETU, scheduled for the end of January, which will be attended by heads of national federations triathlon. During her Bertrand deliver a detailed report and the Azerbaijani delegation will make a presentation.

However, now the head of the ETU appealed to ensure that at the EuroGames were strongest triathletes. And there, among others, there is another good reason. The winners will receive a license for the Olympic Games in Rio, so the qualification to Brazil will begin from Baku EuroGames. Make a note on your calendars - will be held June 13-14, triathlon within the EuroGames. This launch is a big step forward for the whole continent, and we are proud that the triathlon was included in the program. Gone are the days when we asked various invitations - now triathlon is one of the leading places in the sporting calendar and organizers are always open doors for us, - concluded Bertrandi.

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