2014-01-16 11:45:53
Sergey Yatsenko: All tasks have priority

Head coach of Azerbaijan team of triathlon Sergey Yatsenko told about training priorities for the coming years.

"We present two directions. One of them brings quick results - this invitation experienced athletes, acting under the flag of Azerbaijan. Because with the local kids the way to achieve the result is quite long, you need years and we have already defined goals. Only six years left until the start of the European Games in Baku and a little more up to 2016 Olympics in Rio. And try to solve a tall task to date can only be qualified athletes.

Well, the second direction - working with local athletes. Given that Azerbaijan has no tradition of triathlon, we start from scratch. Took the young guys that come out of swimming, also train local trainers tricks and subtleties of triathlon. So we have two lines that are parallel. I would not single out one task, because they are both priorities .

A question of education of Azerbaijan triathlets will try to solve the efforts of local specialists. Already attracted two coaches of swimming, making contacts with specialists in cycling , so that the work is"- said Yatsenko .

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