2014-03-06 10:54:55
Azer Maharramov meet with Azerbaijan team

Executive director of Triathlon Federation Azer Maharramov held an informal meeting with the youth national team and coaching staff.

He noted that the team is waiting in front of a pretty intense season, which will include a friendly match between youth teams in the region in Antalya, as well as the European Youth Championship in Penza. "The main event of the next few years will undoubtedly be the European Games in Baku, which will be important in terms of both organizational and sports component," - said Maharramov .

Speaking about the younger generation of Azerbaijan triathletes Maharramov stressed that the team has all the conditions for training. "Things triathlon usually start with 16-18. That is, before you now great prospects and by the age of 25 years in the present composition can gain the necessary experience and skill", - Maharramov addressed to the team. 



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